Central Queensland University (CQU) Law School

Central Queensland University (CQU) Law School

Central Queensland University (CQU) offers undergraduate law degrees through the School of Law, Criminology and Justice online. 

If you’re a high school leaver or have not been to university before, an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws is for you. 

University graduates can study a postgraduate Juris Doctor degree. To learn more about the different types of law degrees, see our Law Degrees Explained page.

Undergraduate degrees at SCU

CQU offers the following undergraduate law degrees:

CQU operates on a 2 semester calendar. A full-time study load is 4 subjects per semester (8 per year). 

You can find the course structure and study information for each undergraduate degree by clicking the relevant link (above). 

High school leavers can apply for a single or combined Bachelor of Laws directly through SCU or through QTAC, UAC, VTAC or SATAC (depending on where you live).

High school leavers are assessed based on their ATAR. The 2021 ATAR cut off for the single and double degrees were 74. 

The following are pathway options for non-school leavers:

Mature Age students can contact CQU directly for more information. 

Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) is an alternative entry program for First Nations students and other students.

First Nations applicants are encouraged to contact the Indigenous Student Engagement Team for information about admission pathways. 

CQU does not offer PLT.

Support for First Nations Students

Key Dates

Students applying to study at SCU should follow all key dates outlined by CQU here.


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