Macquarie University Law School

Macquarie University Law School

Macquarie University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate law degrees through Macquarie Law School at their Macquarie Park campus.

The Faculty of Law had 32 First Nations law students in 2018.

Macquarie Law School entry requirements

If you’re a high school leaver or haven’t been to university before, an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws is for you. University graduates can study a postgraduate Juris Doctor degree. To learn more about the different types of law degrees, see our Law Degrees Explained page.

Macquarie operates on a two-session calendar. A full-time study load is 6-8 subjects per year. A part-time study load is 4 subjects per year.

For information about the Bachelor of Laws course information and typical study pattern, click here

For information about the Combined Bachelor of Law course information and typical study patterns, visit the Macquarie website and explore the various combined law courses available. 

For information about the required subjects and course information in a Juris Doctor, click here. 

Indigenous Support Centre 

Walanga Muru is the Indigenous Support Centre at Macquarie. 

Law school contacts

Walanga Muru Admin 
+61 (2) 9850 4209

Indigenous tutoring program

Macquarie operates the Walanga Maru Tutoring Program for all First Nations students.  

Macquarie law school also operates the Walanga Maru Indigenous Connected Curriculum. This involves one-on-one mentoring for First Nations students and aims to develop Indigenous content across the curriculum.

You can find and filter all the  scholarships offered at Macquarie by visiting the scholarships page here.

Below is a list of some of the scholarships available to First Nations students:

ISSP Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship

  • Awarded to First Nations students who can provide evidence of financial hardship. 
  • Value is $2,804 per year. 

ISSP Commonwealth Assistance Scholarship 

  • Awarded to First Nations students in financial need who have relocated from regional or rural areas to study any undergraduate or postgraduate course at Macquarie. ● Value is $5,610 per year. 

The Macquarie University Dunmore Lang College (DLC)

  • Awarded to students from regional and remote Australia and/or who can demonstrate financial hardship. 
  • Value is the full cost of a standard room at DLC for up to 4 years. 

The Macquarie Regional and Rural Scholarship 

  • Awarded to eligible students who have relocated from rural or remote areas to study at Macquarie. 
  • Value is $8,000 per year. 

Macquarie University Robert Menzies College (RMC) Accommodation Costs Scholarship 

  • Awarded to students who can demonstrate financial need. 
  • Value is $3,000 reduction of accommodation fees for 3 years. 

Macquarie University Campus Accommodation Scholarship

  • Awarded to undergraduate students in financial need who have relocated from regional or rural areas to study at Macquarie. 
  • Value is the full costs of a university managed accommodation in the Macquarie University campus.

Alumni Garrawi Indigenous Scholarship

  • Awarded to postgraduate First Nations students. ● Value is $2,500 for one year.

Macquarie does not offer a PLT program.


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