Monash University (MU) Law School

Monash University Law School

Monash University (MU) offers undergraduate and Juris Doctor law degrees through the Faculty of Law at their Clayton, Caulfield and Law Chambers (for JD) campuses.

MU Law School Entry Requirements

If you’re a high school leaver or haven’t been to university before, an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws is for you. University graduates can study a postgraduate Juris Doctor degree. To learn more about the different types of law degrees, see our Law Degrees Explained page.

MU operates on a two-semester calendar. A full-time study load is 8 subjects per year.

For information about the Bachelor of Laws course information and typical study pattern, click here.

For information about the Combined Bachelor of Law course information and typical study pattern, visit the Monash University Handbook and explore the various combined law courses available.

Click here to see the course requirements and here to see a course map.

For information about the required subjects and course information in a Juris Doctor, click here. For the JD course map, click here.

Indigenous Support Centre 

William Cooper Institute is the Indigenous Support Centre at MU.

Law school contacts 

Dr Caroline Henckels – Liaison Officer for Indigenous Students Faculty of Law
T: (03) 9905 3353

Indigenous Tutoring Program

MU operates the for Indigenous Academic Enhancement Program (IAEP) to all First Nations students.  

MU does not offer a PLT program.


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