Southern Cross University Law School

Southern Cross University Law School

Southern Cross University (SCU) offers undergraduate and postgraduate law degrees through the Faculty of Business, Law and Arts at their Gold Coast, Lismore and Coffs Harbour campuses and online. 

If you’re a high school leaver or have not been to university before, an undergraduate Bachelor of Laws is for you. 

University graduates can study a postgraduate Juris Doctor degree. To learn more about the different types of law degrees, see our Law Degrees Explained page.

Undergraduate degrees at SCU

SCU offers the following undergraduate law degrees:

SCU operates on a 2 semester calendar. A full-time study load is 4 subjects per semester (8 per year). 

You can find the course structure and study information for each undergraduate degree by clicking the relevant link (above). 

High school leavers can apply for a single or combined Bachelor of Laws directly through SCU or through UAC.

High school leavers are assessed based on their ATAR. The 2021 ATAR cut off for the single and double degrees were 84.5.

STAR Early Offer

Current Year 12 students can register for the STAR Early Offer program here

Under the Adult Entry Scheme, applicants can gain admission into an undergraduate law degree based on:

  • previous secondary, tertiary or TAFE studies; or
  • work experience; or
  • completion of the Special Tertiary Admissions Test.

The Preparing for Success at SCU program is also available to graduates and mature age students. 

The Testing and Assessment Program is open to all First Nations applicants. This program requires applicants to sit an assessment task, which will be assessed by an academic who can discuss your options for admission. 

The following preparation courses are open to all students who do not satisfy the eligibility requirements for admission:

SCU does not offer PLT.

Postgraduate degrees at SCU

Graduates of a higher degree (including Law) can study a 2-year Masters of Laws (Research) program. 

For additional information, applicants are encouraged to contact Dr Michael Charles via email:

Applicants must:

  • Possess a degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from the University
  • Satisfy additional requirements, if any, that may be prescribed by the Dean (Graduate Studies).

All candidates are expected to be proficient in English comprehension and expression.

Please note that admission is subject to availability of facilities and supervision.

There is no alternative entry pathway into the Masters of Laws program.

However, students are encouraged to contact the Graduate School Administration for further information and support.

T: +61 2 6620 3219
T: +61 2 6626 9186

Support for First Nations Students

Key Dates

Students applying to study at SCU should follow all key dates outlined by SCU here.

Students should also follow the key dates outlined by UAC and QTAC. 


We are here to help. Get in touch and we’ll do our best to respond soon.