Ngalaya Indigenous Corporation is the peak body for First Nations lawyers and law students in New South Wales.

Ngalaya has a small pool of funds available to provide financial support to First Nations law students. This support is available in the form of a once-off Ngalaya Scholarship or grant.

Ngalaya scholarships

Ngalaya scholarships are a one-off payment of $1000, with applicants considered based on: financial need, academic and social engagement, and a demonstrated commitment to empowering First Peoples.

Applications are open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people studying a Bachelor of Laws or a Juris Doctor in New South Wales or the Australian Capital Territory

Ngalaya grants

Ngalaya grants are a one-off payment to contribute towards the cost of specific goods or activities related to a Ngalaya member’s education or advocacy.

Applications are open to Ngalaya members only.

Application Process

We are always accepting applications for Ngalaya Scholarships and grants. However, the next meeting to consider applications will be held on Tuesday 2 November.

To apply for a Ngalaya scholarship or grant, write a 1-2 page cover letter which:

  1. Introduces yourself and your mob;
  2. Identifies whether you are applying for a scholarship or grant;
  3. If applying for a scholarship: explains your academic and social engagement, your commitment to empowering First Peoples, and identifies any financial needs you may have;
  4. If applying for a grant: confirms your Ngalaya membership and provides details of the goods/activities you are seeking financial support for, how they relate to your education or advocacy, and any financial needs you may have.

You may also include a copy of your CV and/or academic transcript to support your application. An academic transcript is mandatory for scholarship applications.

Email the above documents to: chairperson@ngalaya.org.au for consideration by the Ngalaya Board.

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