Scholarships and grants are an essential way to help fund your education and career journey!

Below you will find Ngalaya scholarships, bursaries & grants, as well as state-wide university scholarships to support First Nations law students. 

Ngalaya bursaries, grants and scholarships

Ngalaya Indigenous Corporation is committed to First Nations justice, and growing the next generation of First Nations law-makers.

Ngalaya maintains a small fund of money to provide direct financial support to First Nations law students and Ngalaya members. We provide this support through:

Examples of past assistance provided to Ngalaya members includes sponsorship to attend the National Indigenous Legal Conference.

State-wide University Scholarships

There are many forms of financial support available for First Nations people studying law. 

Some scholarships are university-specific, and can be found by searching your university’s scholarship portal. Others are nation or state wide, and open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students studying law or other subjects.

The Aurora Education Foundation operates an online portal that helps Indigenous students find what scholarships they are eligible for. To find a scholarship that might suit you, you can visit their Indigenous Pathways Portal.

Below you can learn more about the different types of scholarships.

Universities offer entrance scholarships to eligible students entering university for the first time. These scholarships are generally awarded based on high academic achievement or on financial need. 

The Educational Access Scheme (EAS) is a government funded program that offers an alternative pathway to most universities for students who have experienced significant educational disadvantage(s). 

  • To apply for an EAS, students need to demonstrate that their high-school studies were negatively impacted by uncontrollable circumstances. Students should apply through UAC during their university application process. 

There are individual university entry scholarships available to assist students starting an undergraduate or postgraduate degree for the first time. You can find the entry scholarships offered by each university directly on their website or by browsing through each university page on our website here.

Access to affordable accommodation has a significant impact on First Nations tertiary education rates. 

These scholarships are generally funded by the Government or the individual university. 

Most universities offer accommodation scholarships to students that do not have the financial means to access affordable housing. 

Applying for accommodation scholarships

You can find and apply for accommodation scholarships offered by each university on their website or by browsing through the university pages here.

Relocation scholarships are also awarded to students who have relocated from regional and rural areas to study. 

There are a number of state-wide relocation scholarships available, including:

Equity Scholarships are available to disadvantaged students from low socio-economic backgrounds. 

There are two types of equity scholarships:

  1. Institutional Equity Scholarships, which are funded by individual institutions; and
  2. Indigenous Student Success Programs (ISSP), which are funded by the Australian Government directly to universities. 
Applying for Equity Scholarships

Students should apply for ISSP scholarships directly with the Scholarships Office at their university. 

High-school leavers should apply for Institutional Equity Scholarships through UAC. Non-high school leavers can apply for Institutional Equity Scholarships directly through their university. 

You can find more information about the equity scholarships offered by NSW universities here.

Study Resource scholarships are available to students to assist with the costs of paying for university resources, such as textbooks and online learning resources. 

Academic Support scholarships are available to students who need additional academic assistance in order to complete their studies.

Applying for support scholarships

Students can apply for the Supplementary Academic Support (SAS) scholarship funding directly through their university. Some universities may not offer access to this funding.

Some universities will offer university-specific study resource and academic support scholarships. You can find out whether your university offers these scholarships by visiting their website or by browsing through the university pages here.

Merit scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of high academic or special-interest achievement.

Merit scholarships are generally funded by individual universities or other private institutions.

Students should apply directly through their university for merit scholarships.