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Scholarships are an essential way for many university students to support themselves while they study. Below you'll find information about scholarships offered by Ngalaya, and other state-wide scholarships.

There are many forms of financial support available for First Nations people studying law.

Some scholarships are university-specific, and can be found by searching your university’s scholarship portal. Others are nation or state-wide, and open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students studying law or other subjects.

The Aurora Education Foundation operates an online portal that helps Indigenous students find what scholarships they are eligible for. To find a scholarship that might suit you, you can visit their Indigenous Pathways Portal:

Ngalaya scholarships and bursaries

Ngalaya bursaries and grants

Through support from our partners, Ngalaya maintains a pool of money to offer once-off bursaries and grants to eligible members with financial need. Applications are always open.

Ngalaya and Colin Biggers & Paisley First Nations Law Scholarship

This $5,000 scholarship is awarded annually to one Indigenous law student. Applications open and close between March and May.

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