Ngalaya bursaries and grants

Ngalaya bursaries
& grants

Ngalaya is a registered charity and the peak body for First Nations lawyers and law students in NSW and the ACT. We are committed to supporting the next generation of First Nations law-makers.

Ngalaya has a small pool of funds available to support Indigenous law students and Ngalaya members through once-off bursaries and grants. Applicants are always open, and priority is given to individuals experiencing financial need.

Ngalaya bursaries

Ngalaya bursaries are a once-off payment of $1,000. They are available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people currently studying a Bachelor of Laws, Diploma of Law, Juris Doctor or GDLP in New South Wales or the Australian Capital Territory.

Applications are assessed based on:

  • financial need,
  • academic and social engagement, and
  • a demonstrated commitment to First Nations justice.

Ngalaya grants (available to Ngalaya members only)

Ngalaya grants are a one-off payment to contribute towards the cost of specific goods or activities. The purpose of Ngalaya grants are to support Ngalaya members in their education, professional development, and advocacy.

Eligible examples for a Ngalaya grant might include: attending a conference, accessing training, or purchasing equipment to support your education or advocacy.

Applications are assessed based on:

  • financial need,
  • potential impact of the grant to First Nations justice, and
  • the individual’s engagement with First Nations communities

    Application process

    If you are interested in applying for a Ngalaya bursary or grant, write a 1-2 page cover letter which:

    1. Introduces yourself and your mob;
    2. If applying for a bursary:
      • explains your financial need, academic and social engagement, and your commitment to First Nations justice
    3. If applying for a grant:
      • confirms your Ngalaya membership,
      • provides details of the goods/activities you are seeking financial support for,
      • explains how the grant would support your education or advocacy,
      • explains your financial need, and
      • identifies how the grant might contribute to First Nations justice.

    You may choose to include a copy of your CV and/or academic transcript to support your application. An academic transcript is mandatory for bursary applications.

    To apply for a bursary or grant, email your application documents to

    All applications will be considered by Ngalaya’s Board of Directors.

    Supported by:

    As a registered charity, Ngalaya relies on the generous support of our partners.

      Previous bursaries and grants have been available thanks to:

      Other financial support for First Nations law students

      Ngalaya awards the $5,000 First Nations Law Scholarship annually to one Indigenous law student studying in NSW and the ACT.

      There are many other scholarships available to support First Nations law students during their studies. To learn more, visit the Ngalaya scholarship page, and the Aurora Education Foundation’s Indigenous Pathways portal.


      If you have questions about what financial support Ngalaya can offer, or about scholarships in general, contact us!