Volunteer Opportunities

Ngalaya has some exciting new volunteer opportunities for interested members and supporters.

We are creating new volunteer sub-committees to focus on areas key to Ngalaya’s growth. They are:

Fundraising Sub-Committee

NILC2021 Sub-Committee

  • NILC2021 Coordinator
  • NILC2021 Communications Officer
  • NILC2021 Fundraising Officer
  • NILC2021 Publications Officer

Communications Sub-Committee

  • Communications Coordinator (position description)
  • Email & Subscriptions Officer
  • Social Media Officer

Publications Sub-Committee

Events Management Sub-Committee

Membership Engagement Sub-Committee

  • Membership Engagement Coordinator (position description)
  • Membership Engagement Officer – UNSW
  • Membership Engagement Officer – UTS
  • Membership Engagement Officer – Macquarie
  • Membership Engagement Officer – WSU
  • Membership Engagement Officer – Newcastle
  • Membership Engagement Officer – Wollongong
  • Membership Engagement Officer – ACT

To apply/express interest in a position:

Send an email to Jason O’Neil, Executive Director at jason.oneil@ngalaya.org.au with a copy of your CV, and a cover letter identifying which position(s) you are interested in.

Any questions about these roles and volunteering with Ngalaya can be directed to Jason.