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Paid paralegal, legal admin or legal research work for First Nations law students throughout their studies.

Reviewing the Law

Ngalaya Cadetship process

The Ngalaya Cadetship program is an opportunity for your firm, department, or team to build an ongoing and mutually beneficial employment relationship with a First Nations law student, with advice and support from Ngalaya.

We strongly believe in the benefits of working in the law while you study, and in the excellence and value of First Nations law students for the legal profession. In a Ngalaya Cadetship, the Cadet is employed directly by you with Ngalaya contracted to source the successful candidate and provide them with ongoing support throughout the Cadetship.

By committing to employ one or more First Nations law student as a Ngalaya Cadet, you are investing in your future relationship with First Nations people and creating clear employment pathways into your workplace.

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