Ngalaya bursaries (once-off, $1,000 payment)

Ngalaya bursaries are available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people studying a Bachelor of Laws, Diploma of Law, Juris Doctor or GDLP in New South Wales or the Australian Capital Territory.

Applications are assessed based on: financial need, academic and social engagement, and a demonstrated commitment to empowering First Peoples.

Ngalaya grants

Ngalaya grants are a one-off payment to contribute towards the cost of specific goods or activities related to a Ngalaya member’s education or advocacy.

Applications are open to Ngalaya members only.

Application Process

We are always accepting applications for Ngalaya bursaries and grants.

To apply for a Ngalaya bursary or grant, write a 1-2 page cover letter which:

  1. Introduces yourself and your mob;
  2. Identifies whether you are applying for a bursary or grant;
  3. If applying for a bursary: explains your academic and social engagement, your commitment to empowering First Peoples, and identifies any financial needs you may have;
  4. If applying for a grant: confirms your Ngalaya membership and provides details of the goods/activities you are seeking financial support for, how they relate to your education or advocacy, and any financial needs you may have.

You may also include a copy of your CV and/or academic transcript to support your application. An academic transcript is mandatory for bursary applications.

Email the above documents to: for consideration by the Ngalaya Board.

Supported by:

MinterEllison, Lander & Rogers and the Australian Department of Health