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Ngalaya Cadetships

A Ngalaya Cadetship is an opportunity for you to learn and grow as a future lawyer by working part-time in a law firm or legal team at one of our partner organisations. All Ngalaya Cadets receive ongoing support from Ngalaya, including your own First Nations Mentor.

Become a better student

Nothing can prepare you for what it's really like to be a lawyer like working alongside them and learning the tricks of the trade. Get an edge on law school by learning things on the job!

Work part-time, not just one-time

Most Ngalaya Cadetships are ongoing opportunities for you to continue to learn and connect with your co-workers throughout your degree.

Improve your legal thinking and writing

Working in law, you are constantly trying to find and present information that a way that is useful for supervisors, clients and lawyers. Put your legal writing on the fast track.

Be partnered with a First Nations Mentor

We'll work hard to find you a First Nations lawyer (or senior law student) who can give you the kind of support you're looking for throughout your Cadetship.

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