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Ngalaya members celebrated in Law Society Journal

Some of Ngalaya's founding members have been celebrated in articles written by Ngalaya member Oliver WIlliams (Wiradjuri, UNSW Law student). Oliver interviewed Kevin Williams, Robynne Quiggin, Tony McAvoy, Terri Janke, Shaz Rind, Damien Barnes and Terri Janke about their involvement during the founding of Ngalaya 25 years ago, and their careers since.

Recognising that all First Nations people walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before us, Oliver also interviewed five young First Nations law students: Kyle Fox, Amanda Morgan, Jess Oehm, Irene Higgins and Karla Jeffrey as part of the next generation of Indigenous lawyers.

Congratulations to Oliver for his work on these articles, celebrating the 25 years legacy of Ngalaya and First Nations lawyers and law students in NSW.

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